Peter Toye has been playing the piano since before he can remember. He believes that music is a communal activity, and therefore concentrates purely on chamber music (including all forms of duo playing and instrumental accompaniment) and vocal accompaniment.

He has studied vocal accompaniment with Paul Hamburger, Roger Vignoles, David Owen Norris, Robin Bowman, and chamber music with Alexander Volkov, Laurence Perkins, members of the Brodsky Quartet and Schubert Ensembles among others. He has accompanied masterclasses and workshops by artists including Ian Partridge, Noelle Barker, Victor Morris, Margaret Lensky, Evelyn Tubb, Kathryn Lukas.

As a staff accompanist at Dartington International Summer School, Peter has worked on everything from baroque opera to 20th century instrumental music.

He has performed in London (South Bank and elsewhere), Stratford-on-Avon, Oxford, Cambridge, St. Albans, Reading, Bracknell, San Jose (USA) and many other places, accompanying artists including Benjamin Luxon, Sheila Amit Luxon and Peter Sidhom.

He was the founder of the Redlands Trio, a Reading-based chamber group of piano, violin & cello.

Peter is available for coaching, accompanying and chamber work with singers and instrumentalists, as well as for examinations to the highest grades.

Pianist, accompanist, duo partner, chamber musician